How I am trying to stop smoking

Motivation to stop

Everybody needs some kind of motivation to stop. If there is no motivation, why stop? Right?


I stopped on Friday 2 PM. That is definitely strange timing. Thursday evening in bed I read some articles about how to stop. Most of the articles very saying pick a date and stop on the date.

Nicotine replacement

After few hours, you will start to have uncontrollable carvings for next smoke. This will be happening for next few days. I was sweating and stepping in place. This is the worst part where people usually give up and buy cigarettes.


After I got home I decided to put on the path. It did not stick. As I was saying I was sweating a lot and it was not sticking to my arm. I took bunch of non-nicotine patches and make it stick to my arm. No idea that was working or not.


I bought big package of nicotine gums. I use them when my cravings are at its worst. In the beginning, I did about 6 gums per day. Now after two weeks I am at 3 gums per day. Do not overdo it. On the packaging, they say it’s safe to take around 24 of them per day. That seems a lot.


Other awesome thing you can do is simple deep breath meditation. It takes like 5 minutes and it will stop all the cravings for hours or so.


I am a technical person and fascinated by data. There is a lot of apps that will track your nonsmoking progress.


Hope that this will help you to stop in any way. I am not saying that my methods are the correct methods. I am not saying that I figured this out. I am not smoking for two weeks, that does not mean that I am nonsmoker. In the end, it does not matter how you stop, you need to stop.



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Pavel Polívka

Pavel Polívka

Father, developer, bad sci-fi writer, love to learn stuff